Denizens of the Deep: How Sponges Create Important Habitats

By Samuel Georgian, Marine Biogeographer at Marine Conservation Institute When you think of a ‘sponge’, you may immediately picture the dish sponge you use to wash dishes or mop up spills. Did you know that sponges are also animals that occur throughout our world’s oceans and in some freshwater lakes and rivers? In fact, it Read more about Denizens of the Deep: How Sponges Create Important Habitats[…]

5 Reasons Seamounts Matter

By Matt Coomer, Communications Coordinator at Marine Conservation Institute Seamounts are underwater mountains that rise from the seabed. Because most of the world’s seafloor is a muddy plain, seamounts are special deep-sea features that support unique creatures. Seamounts can arise along mid-ocean ridges, as isolated landmarks, or as volcanoes in chains and clusters. Off California, Read more about 5 Reasons Seamounts Matter[…]