August 14, 2020


Come on a virtual exploration of California’s seamounts – massive underwater volcanoes that boast an incredible diversity and abundance of marine life. In each Storymap, you will find spectacular video and images from the deep seafloor, interactive maps displaying the distribution and conservation status of the California seamounts, and accompanying text that overviews the biology and history of these beautiful and remote habitats.

Storymap 1 – Exploring California’s Seamounts

Come meet the California seamounts, including an introduction to seamount distribution and biology, and an array of highlights from recent expeditions to deep-sea habitats in California waters.

Storymap 2 – Life on Undersea Mountains

Come face to face with some of the incredible and unique organisms that commonly inhabit seamounts in California. Explore the stunning and delicate coral reefs that rely on seamount habitats, watch octopuses navigate the dark waters, and learn about some of they more bizarre species that live in the deep sea. 

Storymap 3 – Conserving California’s Deep

In the waters off California’s shore, far beneath the waves, are fragile deep-sea ecosystems that are home to diverse and astonishing creatures. Unfortunately, seamounts are threatened by a variety of human impacts ranging from climate change, overfishing, pollution, Will you help safeguard these special places?